Team Forgotten World wish all fellows of their project Merry Christmas. May your wishes become true!

Our christmas present can be found in the screenshots section. It is two new screenshots showing our self-written terrain editor. You can see the old E3 demo map (map 98) on one of them and Britain on the Britannia world map (map 9) on the other one. (See the 16th and 17th Legacy Screenshots)

There was yet another problem with our mail server. We have solved it now and you can send us mails again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

After a downtime of almost one week we are back online again. Our server had a hard disc failure and needed to be set up again completely. Mails sent in that time could not be delivered, so if you have sent anything to one of our (at) addresses, please resend!

During the development of Forgotten World, we found a way to let appear some normally invisible objects in the world of Ultima IX: Ascension. These are basically objects which are used for triggering the different scripts in U9, but also monsters and items which support a fast test of features. Have a look at the four new screenshots on our screenshot page to get an idea of how this looks like. (See the 12th to 15th Legacy Screenshots)

We have also extended our team openings yet another time: Having found out how to add completely new music (even additionally to the original U9 music), we are now looking for a talented composer who is willing to join us. Information can be found on our team page.

Last week, we published our first non-ingame screenshot. It shows a render scene of the avatar and some items and can be found on our features page. (11th Legacy Screenshot)

We have recently extended our team openings. Have a look at our team page for updated information on how to help us.

If you feel you are a talented coder and would like to help us, feel free to drop us a message (see contact page for more information)!

Today we have both bad and good news for you. The bad news first: "Firstknight", initiator of the Forgotten World project and the one who brought us all together can no longer afford working on the project. We thank "Firstknight" for his work and for bringing us together and promise to do our best to fulfill his aim: "To make Ascension a better Ultima"!

This is not the end, though. The remaining part of the team is working eagerly to bring this project forward. We have been quite busy in decoding the Ultima IX files. We have newly investigated the previously unknown purpose of some files, made some further discoveries of very important files and managed to completely decode one of the most important files whose structure was completely unknown before. More information about all these new findings and stuff we have worked on will follow later this year.

For know, we have updated our FAQ and got a new domain: The Forgotten World Project will be available via from now on!

We have added a bunch of screenshots showing parts of the new Western Yew and Northern Cliffs. Find them in our screenshot section. (See the 5th thru 10th Legacy Screenshots)

The number of people working on the Ultima IX Ascension modification "Forgotten World" has grown recently. "Iceblade", "Nimdraug" and "Hawkwind" joined "Firstknight", who has been working on the project for more than two years. These four people have now formed "Team Forgotten World" and will continue the development of "Forgotten World" which is scheduled for release in late 2007.

Website opened, Screenshots for places around yew added. (See first 4 Legacy Screenshots)