In their January issue (02/2008), the German "PC Action" game magazine writes about Forgotten World. In the "Maps & Mods" section there's an article on our project, so if you can get German magazines where you live, go and grab a copy if you like!

Team Forgotten World wishes all visitors a merry Christmas time! May all your true wishes come true...

A month ago, we announced use of OGRE for our self-written Ultima IX world editor. Today, we can show you a new screenshot which demonstrates our latest milestone in the development of FORGOTTEN WORLD: Britannia's capital city, Britain, in the new engine with the right models in place.

Don't hesitate to take a look at it in our screenshot gallery! (23th Legacy Screenshot)

We've been quite silent over the last months and we haven't had a lot to show. The reason for this is that we changed the code basis of our world editor. The old version (screenshots of which have been in our gallery) was written using direct OpenGL. We are now using the Object-Oriented Graphics Engine OGRE for displaying graphics which allows for easier and faster development.

To demonstrate how easily certain techniques can be incorporated with Ogre, we've created a screenshots of Buccaneer's Den (in the foreground) and Terfin (in the background) with shader-driven water as it is often seen in recent 3d games. You can find it in our gallery!  (See the 22th Legacy Screenshot, the 21st is an earlier and originally not released version)

We have uploaded a new render shot for your viewing pleasure. It is called "Twilight Scene" and shows a dragon flying towards a mill. All models and textures are taken from Ultima 9. The picture was created using the open-source 3D software Blender and can be found in our screenshot gallery. (20th Legacy Screenshot)

We have also been continuing work on our world editor and are going to release some information on it and new pictures soon.

Team Forgotten World recently announced a team opening for a story editor position. We have found a person suitable for this job and are no longer looking for a story writer. 

Check our team page for information about our other current team openings.

In our FAQ section, we are claiming to try our best to make Ultima 9 "a better Ultima" and people were wondering what we mean by that. We have now begun with lifting this secret and added a new entry to our FAQ section containing information about our future plans.

Ultima 9's original engine had much more capabilities than were actually used. For example, the engine featured support for 256x256 pixel textures, but most of the textures were in a lower resolution. The biggest performance boost can be achieved by replacing the 128x128 ground and water textures by 256x256 ones. Two new screenshots show how this "high-res Ultima" looks like. You can find them in the screenshot section! Please note: This is just a demonstration and has nothing to do with how the final mod will look like. We will not drop support for transitions between different kinds of textures (which was left out for simplicity reasons), nor are we going to use exactly these textures. They were taken from a Morrowind texture pack by courtesy of Qarl who created them. Thanks to him for that! (See the 18th and 19th Legacy Screenshots)

Due to the announced alteration of the plot, we are now also looking for someone very familiar with the Ultima lore. So if you feel you are an Ultima expert, check out the team page for more information and let us hear of you!

We have been quite silent for the last two months, which does not mean that we have not progressed. In fact, we have taken a decent step further. While working on our world editor, we have also decoded several instructions of the Ultima IX script format. For example, we are already able to create our own teleporters to any location of any of the maps. If you are a programmer and feel you can help us with that, see our team page for information on how to contact us.