We are very happy to announce that "Firstknight", founder of "Forgotten World" and creator of the Ultima 9 "Freedom Mod" has returned to our project! Welcome back, Firstknight!

For the project, this means that we are going "back to the roots" again. During the last months, we had to agree that the development speed was not as fast as we would have liked it to be, especially in relation to our aims for this project. There are several reasons with the main reason being the "real life" of the team members and its duties.

While we have no plans to change our long-term targets, we are going to split this project up into smaller pieces. We call them milestones, following the example of many other Ultima fan projects. This way, we plan to have more and earlier releases of our work.

Part of the first milestones will be the Forgotten World as it was originally planned (and promised). Firstknight brings his knowledge of "modding the world with a hex editor" back to the project and there is a high chance that you will be able to "immerse yourself into the world of Britannia like never before" next year.

We have added screenshots of some of the recently created work to the screenshot section and hope you enjoy them! (See the first 11 screenshots in the BB Archive)

Hello, followers of Forgotten World and newcomers to the site. Our new website is now officially open and it has the same web address so no impact there.  Just a note, though, we have now completely changed our site's software to Joomla, which allows website control to the whole team instead of just one person, so making updates will now be easier.

Over the next several months to come, changes will be made to the site's appearance as well as content, so expect some things in the near future.

Until next time.

- Iceblade

There hasn't been any news for months. We have - again - done a lot of work without results that are presentable.

Due to some strange issues with some of the files, it is now certain that there is still an unknown part in what we thought unraveled. We, therefore, had to rewrite some of the file loading routines. Meanwhile, we wrote a model viewer. So far, we have yet to find any really special models. We will keep you appraised!

Our next aim concerning the editor is getting object selection and property display working.


Remember when we searched for a composer? This position has long been filled. However, we had never released any of the work of our composer "Sounddreamer".

Now, we will let you listen to some of his music, written for Forgotten World: a piece called "Time Travel".

- Time Travel (music)

The development of our world editor is progressing fairly. The rendering part is mostly done and we are getting to a point where we can actually start designing the user interface. This is where we need your help!

If you are:
* an experienced user of world building software,
* willing to help us design the user interface of our world editor,
* interested in the Ultima series and in creating maps for the game,
* patient, communicative and team-oriented,
* experienced with programming (perhaps even with wxWidgets) as a plus

then let us know and join us! Contact information can be found on the team page!

Happy New Year to all of our visitors!

Team Forgotten World looks back to a year of noticeable progress. During the last year, we have finished most of the game files decoding work and started with the writing of a new editor using the OGRE 3D rendering engine. We hope that year 2008 will be just as prosperous and encourage you to help us with our aim of "finally fixing" Ultima 9!