from Team Forgotten World!

Thanks for your interest into our work and especially for over 100 Downloads of our Beautiful Britannia - Demo 2009 so far.

Firstknight, Hawkwind, Iceblade and Splat

Hello Ultima fans and Forgotten World followers,

Since we have recieved so much attention from our recent demo release, we have decided to get a pulbic forum for discussion and feedback for the project.  This new forum is hosted by the fellow Ultima project team the Titans of Ether at the following address: (FW Forum now hosted at the Ultima Codex)

We would like to thank the Titans of Ether for offering space on their forum for Forgotten World and other Ultima projects.


First, a big THANKS to WTFDragon for hosting the demo!


The download link can be found here:

Forgotten World - Project Site on Ultima: Aiera (Now hosted at Ultima Codex BB Page)

Install instructions:
* Unzip the Demo into a folder of your choice
* Install the VB6 Runtime Files
* Start Launcher.exe
* Define your UIX Install Dir (the Launcher makes a suggestion by reading the registry)
* Restart the Launcher once, now it's ready for use

* Select the Map
* Select your starting point (I recommend Yew, it's the most finished part)
* For the "Disable Fog" Mode you need a savegame
* Try out different settings for view distance and quality, especially when in "Disable Fog" Mode
* Start the game 


If someone wants to send comments, I recommend posting a reply to the entry on Ultima Aiera, I will stop by there frequently and will also answer questions there.


Today is the 10th anniversary of the Release of Ultima IX.

To celebrate this, we will to provide a demo based on the current build of Beautiful Britannia, so that everyone gets the possibility to see, how the modified areas look like when playing.



  • Current Work Copy of Map "Britannia"
  • Currect Work Copy of Map "Way to Despise"
  • Launcher (requires VB6 runtime, which is included into the Demo package)

Lauchner Features:

  • Map selection
  • Selection of starting position using prerendered worldmaps
  • Two Sliders allows fast and easy modification of View Distance and Quality Settings
  • Supports the "Disable Fog" Mode in combination with a savegame


 Demo Size and Release Date:

  • Size: 7 MB
  • Release: December 2009


Firstknight, Hawkwind and Iceblade

I've found some time to exchange most of the existing screens with 20 new ones, where "the fog has been lifted". (See Screenshots 20 to 39 in the BB Archive)


Finally i've found a working solution to disable the fog for overworld maps.

The trick is: Simply start the game using gamestate.ini configured for a small map (I use map.83) and after that load a saved game (works with every existing savegame).

This makes the engine "forget" to add the fog on overworld maps, which makes in further consequence also higher viewing distances possible.


Config details:

Create this gamestate.ini file in your UIX Install Path:

Version = 100
Map = 83
X = 6500
Y = 7500
Z = 1200
Time = 0800
Compass = 1
Toolbelt = 1
Backpack = 1
Journal = 1
Spellbook = 1
HealthBar = 1
ManaBar = 1

Now make the following change to the options.ini to make this thing work:

Replace the line



start=...UIX Install Path...\gamestate.ini


Why is this different to the "clipping plane out" settings in default.kmp:

Because the default.kmp methodics is not permament, when the weather changes or the map is changed, then the fog is back.


What is possible:

Here are the options.ini settings, which work well with the actual build of Beautiful Britannia, higher Settings cause crashes, especially in Yew:





And how does this look like:

Here are 3 screens showing Britain and LB Castle, just to show the difference.

I've also used 4x anisotropic filtering here, which I highly recommend for better picture quality.


Britain Center

Britain Center - with LB Castle in Background

LB Castle Park


I have to say that the framerate is very low (around 10 FPS in Britain) on my old system (P4 2,4 with 512 MB RAM and ATI Radeon 9800 Pro) using these settings with the actual Build of Beautiful Britannia.

The result is of course a litte better when playing original UIX (around 15 FPS in Britain).

But on a modern high end system there should be 25 FPS possible, even with these settings and while playing Beautiful Britannia. UIX cannot use the featues of modern graphic cards (the engine supports only DX7 and Gilde), so a fast CPU is the most important part.



I've updated the Project Information for BEAUTIFUL BRITANNIA.


Please read all the details here:

Beautiful Britainnia - Project Information



I've finally finished the general upgrade of the northeastern part of yew, near the court of justice.

General upgrade means: Only Fauna/Flora upgrade, without treasure (re)placement as well as placement of enemies

I've also added these 3 screens, they give a good impression of what you can expect from Beautiful Britannia:

In the woods  (currently missing)

River scene (currently missing)

Flowers (Some Butterflies will be added later here) (currently missing)


Greetings to all visitors


I think everyone will agree that the worst geographical inaccuracy in Ultima IX is the position of Empath Abbey, which is placed north-east of stonegate. So we tried to find some way to correct this for quite some time.

I have to say, that the placement of bigger objects is very tricky, because we are only able to place such objects using the hex-editor and by changing existing objects. Further these objects must be placed within a range of a certain area, otherwise the engine is not able to render them correctly.

But in the end it looks like we found some working solution for this.
The position of Empath Abbey in BEAUTIFUL BRITANNIA will be west of yew, right on the coastline.

Also we tried to make it a litter bigger than in UIX, as can be seen here:
First Screen (currently missing)

This is not near final, but a good way to show the new look as well as the sizing.


I've added 3 new screens, they show the park in front of LB castle.

Here are the direct links to them:

LB Castle Park (currently missing)

Some Flowers (currently missing)

Over the River (currently missing)

In this area i've tried to increase the density of objects even more, which gives a nice result, so I think. 


Now i've found some time to add a projects section, which now provides detailed informations for all projects, on which we are working atm.

This includes a list called "features and changes to Ultima IX" for every project as well as the addition of the new project BEAUTIFUL BRITANNIA UNLIMITED, an interim stage between BEAUTIFUL BRITANNIA and FORGOTTEN WORLD.


I've restructured the media section and added some recent work to it. (Added screenshots are the 12th thru 16th images in the BB-Archive - 6 more images were posted but are missing)



We all here made a decision to split our project into two, called:




Please read the details about the two projects in the FAQ section.