I think everyone will agree that the worst geographical inaccuracy in Ultima IX is the position of Empath Abbey, which is placed north-east of stonegate. So we tried to find some way to correct this for quite some time.

I have to say, that the placement of bigger objects is very tricky, because we are only able to place such objects using the hex-editor and by changing existing objects. Further these objects must be placed within a range of a certain area, otherwise the engine is not able to render them correctly.

But in the end it looks like we found some working solution for this.
The position of Empath Abbey in BEAUTIFUL BRITANNIA will be west of yew, right on the coastline.

Also we tried to make it a litter bigger than in UIX, as can be seen here:
First Screen (currently missing)

This is not near final, but a good way to show the new look as well as the sizing.