Today is the 10th anniversary of the Release of Ultima IX.

To celebrate this, we will to provide a demo based on the current build of Beautiful Britannia, so that everyone gets the possibility to see, how the modified areas look like when playing.



  • Current Work Copy of Map "Britannia"
  • Currect Work Copy of Map "Way to Despise"
  • Launcher (requires VB6 runtime, which is included into the Demo package)

Lauchner Features:

  • Map selection
  • Selection of starting position using prerendered worldmaps
  • Two Sliders allows fast and easy modification of View Distance and Quality Settings
  • Supports the "Disable Fog" Mode in combination with a savegame


 Demo Size and Release Date:

  • Size: 7 MB
  • Release: December 2009


Firstknight, Hawkwind and Iceblade