First, a big THANKS to WTFDragon for hosting the demo!


The download link can be found here:

Forgotten World - Project Site on Ultima: Aiera (Now hosted at Ultima Codex BB Page)

Install instructions:
* Unzip the Demo into a folder of your choice
* Install the VB6 Runtime Files
* Start Launcher.exe
* Define your UIX Install Dir (the Launcher makes a suggestion by reading the registry)
* Restart the Launcher once, now it's ready for use

* Select the Map
* Select your starting point (I recommend Yew, it's the most finished part)
* For the "Disable Fog" Mode you need a savegame
* Try out different settings for view distance and quality, especially when in "Disable Fog" Mode
* Start the game 


If someone wants to send comments, I recommend posting a reply to the entry on Ultima Aiera, I will stop by there frequently and will also answer questions there.