Hello again,


I've found myself tracking down memory lane (with the aide of the Wayback machine) and I've found a few things that I've sent toward to the Codex.  Anyway, I got to going through the old versions and news from our own site and decided to improve the archival viewing.  I've gone through all of the old news articles and fixed up the links as well as providing screenshot references to our archived screenshots located under the Legacy (version 1.0 of Forgotten World), BB Archive (screenshots from 2005 to 2011 of Beautiful Britannia), and Editor screenshot pages.  I've also categorized all of the news by year and set up each year as a blog for easier viewing.


In addition, I've finally added the first of several status pages to our site, just check under Information.  This first status page covers our level of tool development.  Under the first tab, which is set to show by default, you can see how far along each tool is holistically.  You can also click on each tool to find out how far along each components is coming.  The last tab describes the color codes, which you should probably read first.


Happy reading.

- Iceblade