I have added a new section to the site that will be referenced as the Journal.  This section provides a few at the largely completed passages being incorporated into the Journal for the Forgotten World Project.  Similar to the Ultima IX Journal, this book serves as the in-universe game manual providing background lore and details about the game world and features you can expect to find in the final product.

In fiction, this journal is the last edition of a travel guide and journal produced by Anton, the late Scholar of the Lycaeum and Councilor of Moonglow, for travelers, wanderers, merchants, and adventurers.  This journal is provided to the Avatar by the Time Lord with some notes and additions in places to bring you up-to-date since this edition of the guide was produced before the Guardian invaded.  It is intended to be a detailed and well-researched tome supported by eye-witness accounts provided by Lord British, Shamino, and others for the history of events and towns.

Once the journal is completed and finalized, I will release a full pdf version complete with stylized writing, parchment background, and perhaps some images.


Also, I moved the Patch Updates to under the Forgotten World drop-down to reduce the nav-bar.

Just a quick front page update.

Progress continues on the patch.  You can read more about that at the Patch Updates page, which is now up to 4 articles.  I have also been silently updating the Patch Status page.  The last update date is on the page, so you can see when the latest progress occurred.

One major note about the patch is that I will need to finish my trigger editor in order to fix some of the more involved scripting bugs, so the patch won't be finished until March or April.  This is because I will be spending the rest of January finishing off 38 of the 52 issues (ie those that I can fix without a complete trigger editor).  February will be spent finishing out my tools.  Note that while I won't be using these tools directly for Forgotten World, I can adapt much of the tool's code to build an algorithm to convert external scripting files from Ultima IX to our own formats within Unity.

In addition to patch-related development, I have been finishing my work on the Ultima IX pages at the Codex wiki.  Primarily, this has been on the Ultima IX dungeon solutions page.  A long overdue page to complete.

The rest of my progress has been behind-the-scenes.  Writing up dialogue outlines, writing bits of story, and compiling onto our internal wiki my various reverse engineering notes on triggers.

- Iceblade