While many journals and guides published over the past few centuries have included an historical section, these texts have been woefully brief and overly simplified.  Even our historical tomes are lacking in much needed detail.  Such a weakness hath been made all the more egregious by the abundance of primary sources and availability of key eye witnesses to the major events in our history.  I, of course, do speak of the Companions and Lord British, himself.  It is a crime against scholarship that even such sources as Dupre have not been tapped sooner.  Such is the reason for my extensive travels, to seek and join with these legendary figures and learn their story and, by consequence, the story of the Avatar and of our nation.  Indeed, so much of our history is tied to that of our paragon and savior.  Due to this unparalleled access and the gracious review of my dear friend and editor Mariah, I have written the most comprehensive and - I believe I can honestly say - the most definitive history of Britannia written to date.  Though, what follows is as abridged of a version as I can make, I encourage the curious reader to seek out the text The History of Britannia from the Perspective of Those Who Lived It to learn more.