At the start of the First Age of Darkness, Mondain – second born of Wolfgang, a great king and wizard of old – wished to gain his brother's inheritance, and so slew his father and brother and gained great power.  Through the years, Mondain traversed the lands of Akalabeth and beyond spreading evil and death as he passed.  He created unfathomable dungeons, so deep and extensive that their lower depths had never been explored.  From these dungeons, he unleashed evil upon the surface with foul creatures and sickness.

It was at this time that a young man on another world entirely would come upon a medallion in the shape of a Silver Serpent lying in a meadow.  Upon holding this necklace, this individual would be transported to the lands of Sosaria not far from the residence of Shamino.  This fortuitous meeting would prove to change the course of our world for centuries.  With Shamino’s aide, the man sought out a means to return to his world only to meet failure.  Only here did the youth find a means back to his world, but instead of leaving our world forever, he returned with many of his friends.

After taking up residence in Sosaria, the man would gain renown fighting against Mondain’s forces and gaining the title Champion of the White Light.   He would eventually rout the dark wizard in his labyrinth of dungeons and drive him from the kingdom of Akalabeth.  It was here that this champion, Cantabrigian British, would earn the title of Lord and become co-ruler with the Lost King for one of the four major Sosarian continents.