Following the death of Mondain and destruction of the Sun Ruby Gem, a great upheaval occurred as the Lands of Lord British were reshaped and the other three continents of Sosaria seemingly vanished from existence.  While the Lands of the Dark Unknown and the Lands of the Feudal Lords are still lost, we know today that the Lands of the Danger and Despair (now known as Serpent Isle) still existeth yet on a world separate from our own.

During this climactic time, the dark sorceress Minax – apprentice and paramour of Mondain – came to the Lands of Lord British and unleashed vile monsters and evil magics upon the populace.  It was here she learned that the Stranger and Lord British came from a land known as Earth.  In her revenge, she bridged through time and space to undo the peace that existed on that world.  Little else is known about this time, save that the Stranger fought through Minax’s minions to her fortress beyond time and space and slew her with the Quicksword Enilno; thus undoing the damage she had done to that world and time itself.