For some time, the Lands of Lord British saw relative peace as the people rebuilt their homes and lives from the times of cataclysm and war.  This peace was not to last as a third evil would assault the land.  Mondain and Minax had devised a depraved scheme to ensure their immortality by creating an offspring as dark as they ever were yet not suffering the limitations of flesh.  This being, named Exodus, had the psyche of a demon and the material core of a machine beyond anything we could envision.  This combination gave the entity patience beyond reckoning, an implacable intelligence, and a soul of unparalleled evil.  In revenge for slaying its progenitors, Exodus rose from the murky depths of the Great Ocean and assaulted Sosaria with monsters not seen before in the land.  Exodus would perpetuate a harm far greater and more unimaginable by pulling the Great Earth Serpent from the void.  This set in motion a chain of events that would eventually lead to the teleport storms that ravaged Britannia a few decades ago and nearly destroyed Britannia, Serpent Isle, and countless other worlds.

With such danger facing Sosaria, Lord British summoned the Stranger from Earth for a third time.  This Stranger aided by several companions and the Timelord defended our land from Exodus’s minions before assaulting Castle Exodus, defeating its guards, and undoing the machine holding psyche and core together.  Following these events, the Lands of Lord British saw yet another cataclysm that fully reshaped the land creating Britannia much as we see it today.