Though the great evils were vanquished, many cities were in ruin or destroyed and the legacy of Mondain, Minax, and Exodus remained to terrorize the land.  The remainder of the Sosaria’s people was spread out over the vast stretches and islands of Britannia and as time passed, cities and towns formed and slowly banded together.   As communication and travel expanded, some city-states accepted the wise rule of the true king of Sosaria, Lord British.  In order to protect his people from the monsters that roamed the land, Lord British established the Order of the Silver Serpent.

Not all, however, were as quick to accept this distant and ancient king and were actively mislead by a group of mages who referred to themselves as the Disciples of the Gem.  In order to stop the growing power of Lord British, they courted people’s suspicions over an immortal king and created a force of men, goblins, and monsters to remove Lord British.  Numerous skirmishes on land and sea were fought by the warriors and knights of the Order of the Silver Serpent, but none were as notable or costly as that of the Battle on the Bloodly Plains.  It was here that the Disciples of the Gem were exposed as followers of the Dark Three and summarily vanished by the combined forces of all cities and towns in the lands of Sosaria.

Following the defeat of the evil mages and routing of many monsters and other vile creatures, all of the townships and cities of Sosaria accepted Lord British’s rule and declared all of the land would then be known as the Britannia in honor of the great King.  It is from this point in time that we reference history and due to the irregularities in the flow and tracking of time, all dates prior this period would be pure speculation.