With the kingdom firmly established and evil vanquished, an era of peace and introspection began.  It was here that Lord British set out edicts designed to foster the material and spiritual growth of society.  In the process, he established great centers of learning for arts and sciences.  Further, the eight major townships were dedicated to Virtues, each one committed to fostering the enlightenment of a single virtue.  In addition, the former dark bastion, Castle Exodus on the Isle of Fire, was converted into a temple devoted to the Three Principles.  Unfortunately, not long after, this temple and the island upon which it rest sank into the seas.

Most Britannians either agreed with or were neutral to Lord British’s virtues and policies, seeing it as the start of a golden age.  However, some people in the kingdom including a fair number of those who had sided with the Disciples of the Gem had irreconcilable differences with the new virtue system.  Our ruler allowed these groups to follow the mage Erstam on ships to lands beyond our own.  This mage would eventually lead them to settle upon the land of Serpent Isle via the Serpent Pillars.  It is unknown how Erstam knew of these Pillars, but he kept knowledge of them to himself for it would be centuries before they were found again.