All great cultural movements require role models to help society maintain proper focus, so Lord British issued a call for an individual to show the people the way of virtue.  Years passed with few achieving more than partial Avatarhood in several, usually similar virtues such as Sacrifice and Compassion or Valor and Honor.  In the 80th year of Britannia, the Stranger from Earth returned once again and took up this colossal challenge.  Through diligence and understanding, this thrice savior of our land came to understand and embody each of the virtues.  Through his travels, he befriended much of the populace but none moreso than the nine companions of Iolo, Gwenno, Dupre, Shamino, Julia, Mariah, Katrina, and Geoffrey.  With their aide, the dark artifact known as Mondain’s skull was destroyed, the island of the Stygian Abyss (later named the Isle of the Avatar) was freed of pirates, and the mysteries of the Virtues were unraveled upon consultation with the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.  It was here that the Stranger became the Avatar, a paragon of virtue that many aspire to be yet none hath come close to matching.

A few years after, Lord British established the Great Council – a group of wise and magically proficient individuals from each town of virtue – to aide in his rule of Britannia.  In one of their first acts, they raised the Codex from the bottom of the Stygian Abyss and established a shrine to house this powerful tome on the Isle of the Avatar. This single act would prove to dramatically alter the course of Britannian History.