On the high wall in the Museum of Britannia lath a tapestry that tells the tale of the Avatar from the Ages of Darkness through Britannia’s enlightened ages to the current period and beyond.  When the Companions returned from Serpent Isle without the Avatar, many assumed him lost from us forever.  It was then that the Avatar’s life was celebrated with days of festivals and plays.  Lord British, himself, had commissioned this masterwork of cloth to commemorate the Avatar’s life and service to Britannia.  During its production, the mystic Penumbra’s sight found the Avatar and through her visions, the story of the Avatar was continued.  In her final vision, she foretold of times not yet past in which giant columns of darkness would ravage the land.  It would be here that the Avatar would return a final time to save Britannia and afterward ascend beyond our mortal plane.

One significant note about this work that as a scholar I would be remiss not to mention, is that the tapestry is a work of art and not history.  Many of its images depict events broadly with little attention to accurate details.  Also many of the depictions of the major actors through history are loosely based on how they looked at the time.