Centuries ago during the time of the Shadowlords, three small farming communities lay to the east of Britain nominally called North, East, and West Britanny or collectively the Britannys.  Following the return of Lord British, the King instituted major changes to the greater region of Britanny Bay including multiple major construction projects and the opening up of the capital with the removal of Britain’s walls.  This new direction led to the Britain’s expansion eastward and southward, engulfing the Britannys in the greater capital region.

While farms have allows been a constant on the eastside of the capital, events over the past few decades have brought the Britannys back into the vernacular.  The threat of the Guardian has lead to multiple efforts to improve the defenses of Britannia including around Britanny Bay.  The Dungeons of Wrong and Despise, once sources of evil creatures and havens for the lawless have been turned into bastions for Britannia expanding the protection of the Britannian guard.  Further, the construction of the Citadel of the Sentinels upon the ruins of Stonegate has seen the Bog of Desolation reduced to its lowest levels and turned the High Steppes into arable stretches of land.  In addition, walls once again surround the capital, splitting the urban and pastoral regions of Britain.

The migrations from the weakening Paws and other towns to these safe and fertile expanses east of Britain have seen a small group of farms balloon to vast fields stretching as far east as Lock River and north to the entrance of Despise.  Though, formerly still part of Britain, the farmers, herders, fishermen, and processers to the east now refer to their community as the Britannys.  Indeed, their culture differs considerably from what is found upon the busy streets of the capital.  The rustic feel and industriousness of Paws has been carried over giving the Britannys a quaint charm notable of the simple lifestyle not often found outside of New Magincia.